July 4 - Havator Crane Rental has taken delivery of its fourth 500-tonne capacity Terex AC 500-2 all terrain crane.

According to Havator's project manager, Arto Salo: "We are very familiar with this model of Terex crane which has given us excellent service in the past. We are particularly impressed with its 90 m luffing jib and its X-pattern outriggers which are a distinct advantage."

"From a logistics standpoint, we also save time and money by having standard counterweights across our Terex fleet," he added.

The Terex AC 500-2 was supplied with maximum jib and counterweight, and equipped with the sideways super lift (SSL) system. Havator states that the new crane will be employed across Scandinavia in the harbour, petrochemical, steel and offshore sectors.

Terex claims that the AC 500-2 is the most compact eight-axle crane in its class. A maximum working height of 145.8 m can be achieved with a luffing fly jib.