October 11 - According to the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), the rig Transocean Winner has been loaded on board Offshore Heavy Transport's (OHT) heavy transport vessel Hawk.

The MCA stated that Hawk has now deballasted and the rig is clear of the water, after it ran aground off the Scottish mainland in August.

According to the MCA, no pollutions was sited or reported by one of its aircraft. However, some leakage has since been spotted in the water, which the MCA suggests is a maximum of 50 litres of hydraulic or gear oil.

Vessels with counter pollution equipment will remain on scene until there is no longer any threat of a release from the damaged sponsons, said an MCA statement.

Preparations are now being made to commence sea fastening operations, as well as other work to prepare the heavy transport ship for its trip to Malta.


OHT's heavy transport ship Hawk.