October 10 - Industry experts from the fields of logistics, rigging, engineering and naval architecture will present, in partnership with Breakbulk Americas 2011, a practical and learned heavy lift technical workshop at the Breakbulk conference in New Orl

Managers involved in the manufacturer of the equipment to be moved, responsible for procuring or co-ordinating transportation services, or actually providing heavy lift handling and transport, are invited to this interactive workshop.


The workshop, timetabled for Thursday October 27, 2011 from 08:00 until 16:30 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, USA, will feature sections such as Rigging for Lifts; Lifting and Cranes; Truck Moves; and Ocean Moves.


Topics to be covered include: use of heavy-lift shackles, basic lift plan for critical lifts, standard and specialty trailer/equipment options, heavy lift vessel types, stowage and securing, and insurance.


Technical details of representative heavy lift moves via various modes will be fully discussed during the day while the workshop will utilise numerous case studies with interactive class participation throughout.


The training programme has been put together by Proven Logistics Solutions (PLS) in conjunction with the organisers of the Breakbulk Americas event. With a combined total of over 100 years' experience in project forwarding, transportation, global logistics and contract management, as well as total compliance, the PLS management team is able to provide a wealth of hands-on practical "best practice" training and consultancy from years of lessons learned.


Speaking on behalf of PLS, Pam Holdrup, says that other presenters include Naomi LaBonté and Cheryl Fee, also part of the PLS management team; Peter and Bill Stuart from TIME Marine which provides naval architecture and maritime consultancy and project management services to all aspects of cargo project operations within the maritime and heavy transport industry; and, Danny Bishop, who as director of training and industry user education is responsible for managing The Crosby Group's worldwide lifting and material handling accessories product training efforts.


The fee for the workshop is USD550.00 per person and includes, among other benefits, a laminated "Heavy-Lift Transport Quick Reference Guide", a two-day Breakbulk Exhibition Hall Pass and entrance to the Port of New Orleans Annual Port Night Party (October 27).


For more information: please contact Pam Holdrup at 1+713.963.4678 orpholdrup@provenlogisticssolutions.com