November 27 - HHLA Logistics is managing the transport of various parts of an enormous mill destined for a goldmine in Mali.

The last two modules of a total of ten consignments were transported from the manufacturing site at Prerov in the Czech Republic to the Port of Melnik on the Elbe, where they were loaded onto a barge for the 700 km voyage to Hamburg.

Not an easy task, says HHLA Logistics, given that the consignments were 10.55 m long, 5.34 m high and 5.65 m wide, and each weighed 68.1 tonnes. 

After a short stopover at the HHLA Terminal O'Swaldkai, their journey is continuing on the barge from Hamburg to Radicatel in France, via Le Havre, where all the consignments for the project are being consolidated.

The HHLA subsidiary specialises in this kind of complicated project logistics and operates its own facility for this purpose at O'Swaldkai.