March 20 - HLI Rail & Rigging has transported two 284,994-lb (129-tonne) transformers from the USA-Mexico border to their destination in Newark, New Jersey.

Having received the two units in Eagle Pass, Texas, HLI transported the units over 2,274 miles (3,659 km) by rail to Newark.

Once the impact recorders had been reviewed, HLI's rigging crew removed the first transformer's lashing and jacked it off the bed of the railcar. Hydraulic slide beams were then positioned under the transformer, so that it could be loaded onto a specialised trailer and hauled to its final destination. 

The first unit was then moved from the trailer onto a temporary pad, using a jack and slide system. Once this was complete, the second transformer was loaded onto a trailer, hauled to the site and offloaded in the same manner as the first.