December 30 - Hoegh Autoliners has sold the pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) Hoegh Tropicana to Grieg Green for recycling.

In the wake of the IMO recycling convention proposed in 2009, Hoegh Autoliners implemented a policy for the green recycling of car carriers reaching the commercial end of their lives - Hoegh Tropicana is the 15th carrier the company has sold for this purpose.

The buyer of Hoegh Tropicana, Grieg Green, will resell the vessel to a recycling yard in China and supply additional services to ensure that recycling is carried out to the best standards.

"Grieg Green has been set up to provide ship owners with services for planning, monitoring and reporting green recycling," said Petter Heier, ceo of Grieg Green.

Hoegh Autoliners provides global ro-ro transportation services for manufacturers of new cars, heavy machinery and rolling stock, as well as second hand vehicles.

Hoëgh Autoliners sold car and truck carrier vessel Hoëgh Traveller to Grieg Green for recycling in China in March 2013.