August 6 - Holleman Bulgaria, a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network representing Bulgaria, has transported one over-dimensional cold box from the Port of Ruse to the Sisecam glass factory in Targovishte.

The Holleman team was contracted to discharge the 93 tonne, 25.7 m x 5.4 m x 3.75 m cold box from a river barge and transport it to the factory jobsite.
In order to unload the cool box a mobile crane and a floating crane were used in tandem to lift and position the unit on a heavy-duty trailer. The lift was executed in less than one hour.
The truck and trailer combination then set off on its 120 km journey to Targovishte. The road haulage was started early in the morning to minimise congestion to other road users. A police escort and a team for dismantling obstacles accompanied the consignment.
To maximise safety, each bridge negotiated en route was closed and passed only by the loaded truck.
As the Sisecam factory is still under construction the cool box was positioned on elephant legs; Holleman is waiting for a green light to deliver the unit to its final position on the jobsite.
Sisecam is an industrial group active in the fields of glass and chemical production.