December 1 - Holleman Bulgaria is in the process of transporting four rotors and four stators from Tiszak

Each of the rotors weighed in at 95 tonnes, with the dimensions 7.05 m x 6.8 m x 3.85 m; while the stators measured 11.36 m x 5.7 m x 4.02 m, and weighed 43 tonnes each.

Initially two stators and two rotors were transported 120 km by road to the Hungarian inland port of Dunavecse. En route to the port, it was necessary to temporarily shut down electricity lines, as well as remove any obstacles in the road. Several police escorts accompanied the loads.

At the port, the cargo was loaded onboard a river barge using a 500-tonne capacity mobile crane, before beginning its journey downriver to the Black Sea port of Constanta.

Once the first four units had been loaded, the process was repeated for the remaining two rotors and two stators.


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