July 24 - Holleman Bulgaria O.O.D., a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC), has coordinated the shipment of a large boiler and a furnace from Denmark to Katunitsa village in Bulgaria.

The 33 tonne, 7.8 m x 3.57 m x 3.9 m boiler started its journey in Odense; the 35 tonne, 9 m x 3.3 m x 4.16 m furnace was shipped from Aarhus, Denmark.
Both pieces were delivered by road to the German port of Regensburg where they were transshipped onto a river vessel for carriage to Port Ruse, Bulgaria.
The boiler and furnace were then transported from the Bulgarian port to Katunitsa in two separate, consecutive voyages as per the shipper's request.
Holleman Bulgaria completed the project on time and without incident.