February 24 - Holleman Bulgaria, a member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) network, has completed the delivery of a large boiler measuring 16.16 m x 3.60 m x 3.84 m, with a weight of 83 tonnes, from Bucharest, Romania to Rousse, Bulgaria and rel

In Deggendorf, Germany the boiler was transshipped again onto a truck, for on-carriage to the port of Aken, where it is waiting for improvement of the weather and re-opening of the navigation on the river Elbe for further river transportation to its final destination in Berlin. 

The shipment, accompanied by police escorts, faced several challenges, says Holleman Bulgaria. Low water on the Danube river, snowstorms, as well as multiple removal of obstacles on route to clear a passage for the transport, to name but a few.