August 10 - Hansa Meyer Heavy Haul & Rigging has used an HT500 skidding system from Hydra-Slide to position two transformers in Texas, USA.

The transformers, which were shipped to the USA from China, weighed 186,509 lb (84.5 tonnes) each with the dimensions 26.3 ft x 12.1 ft x 13.9 ft (8 m x 3.6 m x 4.2 m).

As well as the skidding system, Hansa Meyer utilised two Goldhofer trailers and a Hydra-Pac synchronous electric power unit to complete the move from the Port of Houston to the Texas jobsite.

"We went with the Hydra-Slide as opposed to a crane because not only was it more cost-effective for our customer, as we already owned the unit and had an experienced team in place to operate it, but also because we were able to better utilise the work space versus the area that would be needed for the use of a crane when factoring in mobilisation, crane mats, counterweights, etc.," said a Hansa Meyer spokesperson.

The transport was a complex one, which required coordinating a route survey and obtaining road permits, as well as submitting transportation drawings, specifying axle load and distance between the axles for bridge permits.

"Drawings were also necessary to indicate specific dimensions of the transformers, trailers and overall length, height, width and weight of the loads. In addition to the paperwork, the trailers themselves had to be assembled," said the Hansa Meyer spokesperson.