February 10 - The IMC Group has developed a new system that enables users to monitor high value, high-risk assets such as heavy-duty equipment during transportation.

The IMC Tracker is designed to protect against damage to sensitive and out-of-gauge cargoes by monitoring shock, temperature and humidity levels during transit.

According to the IMC Group, the movement of heavy and out-of-gauge cargoes is on the rise. For example, the UK will require 7,500 offshore wind turbines by 2020; billions of pounds are at stake and logistics plays a key role in the development of the industry.

Despite the size of the components that make up a wind turbine, they are more sensitive than they appear. The weight of such components means that a drop or a judder - even if relatively small - can have a significant impact and damage to internal components may not be immediately apparent.

The IMC Tracker provides real time location data and alarm alerts, allowing users to make accurate decisions over whether to inspect, recall or continue a project, says IMC Group.

IMC Group added that its new trackers will minimise downtime from unexpected damage and enable users to assign accountability for damage during transport, in turn saving money for the client.