July 19 - Inchcape Shipping Services is advising that the impact of strikes is worsening during a further week of industrial action by Brazilian customs officers with a four day strike underway in the main ports of the country including Santos, Brazil's m

With customs officers doubling efforts from two days per week of strike action up to four days, major ports during the period will have no import or export clearance; no transit clearance, no process operations, with only medicines, food and livestock unaffected, says an official statement from Inchcape

Cargo is currently being cleared in a backlog, affecting import and export processes and delaying operations. With the additional strike days putting more pressure on port operations, some ports may have to refuse cargo if the action continues. Congestion at some ports is already impacting anchorage areas, forcing ships to deviate to other less congested ports. 

With cargo clearances and processes already more expensive, the strike is further affecting commerce and customs' leaders are expecting this latest action to reinforce their negotiating position to the government on salaries and working conditions. 

Locally, ISS Brazil is continuing to monitor events in the country for shipowners and operators and advising clients individually on how to minimise the effect to their operations.