December 17 - The Port of Antwerp's Connectivity Platform - an online tool launched last year to provide information about the various possibilities for transport to and from the port - has been expanded and upgraded.

The platform now has 70 transport operators listing their intermodal connections, more than 280 shipping companies showcasing their maritime connections and 12 container shipping companies giving details of their empty depot network.

The platform's new search function provides a clear view of the range of deepsea and shortsea services to and from the port, by portm country and route.

For each port there is a list of agents and shipping companies offering services between it and Antwerp, together with important details such as the form of shipping and frequency of the connection.

You can consult the port's online tool here:

In another innovation, the port of Antwerp's Instream campaign aims to increase the share of barge transport in its modal mix from the present 36 percent to 42 percent by 2030.

The port of Antwerp says that each week more than 915 barges call at the Belgian gateway carrying project cargo, containers, dry and liquid bulk to and from northern France, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, adding that it offers three advantages for the barge sector.

Firstly, its Automatic Identification System (AIS) and coordination of barge movements, contributes to smooth, transparent and safe barge traffic.

Secondly the port's Barge Traffic System (BTS) enables barge operators to request realistic time slots, which Antwerp says allow feasible and realistic scheduling on the operators' part. Moreover, the Premium Barge Service calls at different container terminals in the port at fixed times, making it possible to cut down the amount of truck transport within the gateway.

More information about the Instream campaign can be found here: