August 19 - In July, Integrated Logistics Company safely delivered a 243-tonne transformer and two shunt reactors to the new Sabah Al Ahmad 1Z Substation - a distance of 60km - for the Kuwaiti Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW).

The transformer measured 12.3 m x 5.0 m x 5.5 m and was moved using a 14-axle hydraulic Goldhofer trailer. The larger of the two reactors weighed 125 tonnes, measured 7.7 m x 3.7 m x 4.5 m, and was moved using a 12-axle hydraulic Goldhofer trailer. The other reactor weighed 43 tonnes, had dimensions of 5.6 m x 2.6 m x 3 m, and was transported by a six-axle Goldhofer goose-neck trailer. During the project, the company mobilised prime mover tractors Titan 4160, Titan 4060, Mercedes 4160 and support tractor Titan 6460. Once the transportation arrived, the cargo was jacked and then skidded into position.

All items were offloaded and installed on the project site safely and on time with the collaboration of the Kuwaiti authorities, the Ministry of Transport, the MEW and the Ahmadi Police, says Integrated Logistics.