November 19 - Intermarine LLC has completed a shipment of project cargo from Spain to Namibia, for the Bokpoort Concentrating Solar Power project located in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

Three heavy interchangers, weighing 245 tonnes each, two 98-tonne evaporators and a 95-tonne steam condenser were loaded onboard the heavy lift vessel HR Recognition in north Spain.

The 10,581 dwt vessel, which is time chartered on a long term basis for Intermarine's liner and worldwide services, is equipped with two 250-tonne capacity cranes that can be combined to create a maximum lifting capacity of 500 tonnes.

Intermarine explained that the loading of the heavy interchangers was challenged by the fact that the cargo had to be lifted by the vessel's gear across a 270-tonne buoy (destined for Nigeria's oil industry), which was already loaded on deck.

Despite the challenges, the cargo was loaded and stowed safely, before being successfully delivered and discharged in Lüderitz, from where the heavy pieces will be transported to South Africa.