May 27 - InterMax Logistics Solution has completed the shipment of 22 oversize reactors from Zhangjiagang to Jubail, with the loading of three 294-tonne reactors onto the vessel Wilma at the Chinese port of Puxi.

The three reactors, each of which had the dimensions 47.5 m x 3.9 m x 4.8 m, were transported to the factory on trailers, where the cargo was lifted by two cranes and transferred onto more trailers for delivery to the port.

After Customs clearance was obtained, the oversize cargo was loaded onboard the vessel within two days.

Ashley Kwan from InterMax's overseas marketing department explained that the company sent staff to the factory with the client in order to discuss delivery plans and carry out a road survey to ensure routing from the factory to the port was carried out smoothly.

InterMax Logistics Solution has been a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Taiwan since December 2013.