January 18 - Paolo Uggè, head of the Italian road haulage association Conftrasporto, has sent a letter to the Italian transport minister Graziano Delrio asking for clear and precise rules for transport of out-of-gauge (OOG) cargoes on the nation's road ne

"Following the accident that occurred in Lecco last autumn when a bridge collapsed over a busy road while a heavy goods vehicle was crossing, today there are many municipalities around Italy that do not issue authorisations for exceptional load transport by road," said Uggè, emphasising the need for a clear legal framework both for manufacturers and also for transport operators.

"In Italy a comprehensive map of the weight capacity of every single item of road infrastructure is still missing and that's one of the reasons why several municipalities are so cautious at issuing the necessary authorisations" added Conftrasporto's chairman.

Beyond that, there are also different interpretations on the limit of 108 tonnes for each single shipment to be classified as an oversize or overweight load.
Uggè and the association he heads thus asked in a public letter sent to the transport minister for clear and uniform rules for all the stakeholders in order to simplify the issues involved in the licensing of OOG cargoes for transport by road in Italy.