March 17 - Offshore self-elevating platform supplier Jack-Up Barge has completed sea trials of a new installation method for offshore wind turbines - a portable DP2 system.

The new system, integrated to one of Jack-Up Barge's platforms, enables the vessel to operate between work sites offshore without recourse to a tug vessel.  
The independence provided to the platform as a result of the DP2 system ensures the delivery of an extremely time-efficient installation process for offshore wind turbines, says Jack-Up Barge. The time saved during operations, combined with a reduced reliance on tug vessels, equates to considerable cost efficiency relative to current, conventional installation methods.
"This is a new system, pioneered by Jack-Up Barge, that aims to streamline operations for increased efficiency. Seatrials have been a complete success and we are very pleased with the performance of JB 118 and the new system. There is every indication that this will prove revolutionary for the platform-based offshore installation process," said Ronald Schukking, managing director of Jack-Up Barge.