July 30 - Kuwait headquartered Jassim Transport & Stevedoring Company (JTC) has deployed the Scheuerle InterCombi trailer on a recent heavy lift project.

The InterCombi was used as part of an emergency call-out where turbines and other power plant equipment required urgent delivery to avert a power shortage. The cargoes arrived by air freight in Kuwait; the complete shipment was delivered on 14 aircraft over the course of 10 days.

After unloading the parts were transported to the power plant in Subiyah using an InterCombi trailer configuration. The heaviest component, which weighed approximately 110 tonnes, was moved on 12 axle lines, and scorching weather conditions and rough terrain made the transport more challenging.

Several days later the InterCombi demonstrated its heavy lift capabilities at the Shuaiba refinery construction site. Using two 10-axle lines, tanks and reactor components weighing between 67 and 82 tonnes were moved from the nearby port to the jobsite.

 The Scheuerle InterCombi has a 36 tonne technical axle load capacity, a steering angle of 60 degrees and a maximum axle compensation of +/- 325 mm.