February 20 - Johnson Renew, a subsidiary of Johnson Crane Hire, has undertaken main installation lifts at the De Aar 1 Wind Farm, in the Northern Cape, South Africa, using a combination of its parent company's crane fleet.

Johnson Renew was contracted to supply cranes and support services for installation of 67 wind turbines for the Longyuan Mulilo De Aar Maanhaarberg Wind Energy Facility. The 96.5 MW facility is being constructed by Longyuan Engineering South Africa, a subsidiary of China Longyuan.

The turbine components, which are supplied from China by Guodian United Power Corporation, have been offloaded on to installation pads and lifted using a 250-tonne capacity mobile crane. 

The pre-installation of the bottom tower sections has been executed using a combination of a 550-tonne capacity crane and a 100-tonne capacity crane, while the main installation lifting has been done with a LTR 11200, a 1,200-tonne capacity hydraulic crawler crane with a 100 m hydraulic boom, used in combination with a 100-tonne capacity crane.

According to Johnson Crane Hire, Johnson Renew was established to grow its presence in the wind energy market, as well as other key renewable energy projects.