August 24 - The Netherlands-based Jozef Hermans Industrial Movers has acquired an Enerpac SL300 telescopic hydraulic gantry system.

The SL300 completes Jozef Hermans' range of four Enerpac gantry lifting systems for jobs ranging from 100-400 tonnes.

"Over 80 percent of our moves are within a factory and so the space needed for the lifting system is critical," says Jos Hermans, director, Jozef Hermans. "The SL300's smaller footprint is a significant addition to our capability for internal moves."

Enerpac says the SL gantry range requires relatively little space to set up and there is no need to undertake costly and time consuming structural changes to buildings for crane access.

"Importantly the SL300, and other Enerpac gantries, are electrically driven which is essential when you are operating inside a factory as there are no fumes generated by the lift system. Also, the wireless control allows us to view the lift from different positions giving us complete control where space is tight," adds Hermans.

Enerpac explained that the SL300 uses a 61 cm (24 inch) track gauge for loads up to 3,000 kilonewtons (305.9 tonnes), offering the industry's highest lifting capacity for a narrow track gantry with an integrated self-propelled drive system.

Enerpac SL300 gantry lifting an 85-tonne Kaiser metal forming press.