August 23 - Jumbo Shipping recently completed three shipments for the Habshan 5 Process Plant Project near Abu Dhabi. These shipments executed by Jumbo Javelin and Jumbo Jubilee included some of the heaviest and largest items ever transported by Jumbo.

The JGC-Tecnimont joint venture contracted Jumbo for the transport of the main items for the Habshan 5 Process Plant Project. These items were manufactured in Korea and shipped from the ports of Masan and Ulsan to the port of Abu Dhabi (UAE). The first shipment was a full shipload of almost 26,000 cu m including two demethanisers each weighing 830 tonnes and measuring 99 x 8 x 9 m.

Thereafter Jumbo Jubilee and Jumbo Javelin, each with a lifting capacity of 2 x 900 tonnes, transported two HP absorbers, the heaviest of which was 1,750 tonnes and measured 55 x 8 x 8.5 m