August 23 - Netherlands headquartered heavy lift maritime company Jumbo has successfully completed a complicated project at the port of Pasajes, northern Spain, using its vessel Fairlift.

Accessible only via a narrow channel between the cliffs and a steep coastline in the Bay of Biscay, the narrow port is almost invisible from the sea - only a crack in the rocks can be seen.
Entrance to the port required a 180 degrees swing close to the berth; with only 20 m clearance fore and aft and the use of only one tug the manoeuver was very tight, but Fairlift made it safely into port.
Fairlift used her 250-tonne capacity forward crane and 400-tonne aft crane to lift its cargo onboard - a ship-to-shore crane. The lift took approximately 1.5 hours to execute.
Over the next 24 hours the crane was securely lashed, the rigging unhooked, the stabiliser was disconnected and the boom of the crane lowered. Fairlift drew crowds of spectators as she set sail from Pasajes.
The crane was delivered to the Port of Sagunto in eastern Spain. The unloading operation proved to be much easier than loading as Sagunto is easily navigable. The cargo was discharged within a day.