June 27 - Jumbo has awarded a contract to Huisman for the design and construction of a second Deepwater Deployment System (DDS) to be integrated on the shipping line's Jumbo Javelin.

The integration is planned to be completed by the third quarter of 2015 giving Jumbo two ships equipped with a DDS - Fairplayer is already equipped with the system.

Both vessels are state of the art DP2 HLVs with two 900-tonne capacity revolving cranes.

Jumbo says that the patented DDS system allows direct lowering and accurate positioning of subsea structures in water depths up to 3,000 m.

Manager of commerce Roddy Lafontaine states: "Our vessels have proven to be able to safely and efficiently install large, heavy and complex subsea structures, including the provision of complete deep-water mooring systems.  Having both Jumbo Javelin and Fairplayer with DDS, allows us to better serve our clients in the growing deep-water market with added capacity, availability, schedule flexibility and back-up".

The DDS for each crane essentially consists of a storage winch, traction winch and wire guidance system. This system feeds the main hoist blocks of each mast crane. With this integrated system Jumbo is albe to maintain the full crane functionality at any depth.