July 20 - Jumbo's heavy lift vessel Jumbo Kinetic has loaded four Damen barges - weighing 1,100 tonnes each - at the Port of Rotterdam for delivery to Russia's Port of Sabetta.

The total weight of the four barges prevented the units from being piled on top of each other, explained Jumbo. Therefore, the two top barges were staggered to equally distribute the weight between the bottom two barges and the vessel's weather deck.

Jumbo Kinetic's tweendecks also acted as load spreading devices. During the quayside operations, while one barge was being loaded, the next unit was prepared at a layby berth, which Jumbo said significantly shortened the loading time.

The barges are owned by UK based maritime service provider Silverburn Shipping Group; HLPFI reported that Silverburn had taken delivery of two new Damen Stan Pontoons on July 6.