June 3 - In India, Jumbo Shipping has handled two significant modules for Vijay Tanks and Vessels Ltd, an international engineering, procurement, fabrications and construction company and one of the world's leading service providers for storage and proces

Vijay Tanks and Vessels contracted Jumbo to carry a Water Seal Drum with dimensions 30 x 8.75 x 9.20 m, weighing 240 tonnes and an Intermediate LP Flare Knockout Drum with dimensions 23.03 x 5.72 x 5.80 m, weighing 150 tonnes, from Kandla Port to Mangalore Port. The modules were carried on Jumbo Javelin with Nabros Transport providing onshore transport.

Jumbo says that although the execution time was limited, the handling, transport, port clearance and shipping was planned meticulously and concurrently such that the timing was perfect for every operation.

Jumbo Shipping has been very active in heavy lift operations in India since it opened its own office here two years ago. Its heavy lift vessels, which often call at Indian ports, offer a useful combination of shallow draught and high lifting capacity cranes.