April 28 - Jumbo Shipping has worked with India's Lift & Shift to transport critical refinery equipment manufactured by Larson & Toubro for the Kuwait National Petroleum Company's Clean Fuel Project in Kuwait.

Some 21,152 tonnes of equipment had to be carried from L&T Hazira works to KNPC Kuwait temporary storage area and included 26 separate modules including four coke drums weighing 280 tonnes, four separators weighing 280 tonnes and 18 reactors weighing between 822 tonnes and 1,596 tonnes.

Lift & Shift, acting as a subcontractor to Jumbo and working under Jumbo's supervision, delivered transport engineering services following many planning meetings over the past two and half years with exporter, buyer and heavy lift shipping line and their various technical teams.

Lift & Shift provided engineering calculations involving stowage plans, lashing, towage and ballast calculations.

A typical barge transport from the L&T jetty to Essar's EBTL terminal consisted of five heavyweight items weighing 4,300 tonnes in total all loaded on Jumbo's barges. After the barge arrived at the EBTL jetty, the cargo was successfully transhipped to Jumbo Jubilee. Jumbo Jubilee's arrival in Hazira required some expert navigation through the Tapi, a very narrow navigational channel with shallow waters and with rapidly changing water depths and currents.