December 4 - Jumbo Shipping, the Netherlands-headquartered provider of heavy marine transport, successfully completed the transport of a 1,125 tonne shiploader crane between Sines, Portugal and Nouadhibou, Mauritania.

The ship 'Jumbo Javelin' was tasked with the role of moving the shiploader.

The centre of gravity of the shiploader was off centre and required the shuttle to be extended in order to move the centre of gravity to an acceptable location for lifting. Once landed on deck, the shuttle was retracted for transport, leaving an overhang of 30 m.

Upon arrival at Nouadhibou - a quay exposed to the sea and subject to constant swell - necessary precautions were taken to ensure the safe unloading of the heavy equipment. These measures included the use of extra tugger winches to safely control the load during discharge.

Various factors made this particular operation challenging, including the heavy weight of the crane, the need for an outreach of 21 m, as well as the shiploader having to be positioned in three rails instead of two. The complicated unloading procedure was completed in just less than 3.5 hours.