February 21 - K

One of Kässbohrer's 2018 strategic targets is to have produced 20,000 units globally, and the company sees the new low-bed series as a key part of this sustainable growth strategy.

Through the new extendable low-bed series with up to eight axles and 130-tonne capacity and extendable low-loader series with up to four axles and 96 tonne capacity, Kässbohrer aims take the leadership of the low-bed market by the end of 2016.  

?ffet Türken, board member at Kässbohrer, reported that since the market crashed in 2008, when the whole industry's incoming orders dropped by 80 percent, Kässbohrer has succeeded to triple its production in the last three years and became the forth biggest European trailer manufacturer by the end of 2013.
Kässbohrer's extendable hydraulic steering six axle low-bed semi-trailer, K.SLH 6 has 106 tonnes of transport capacity and is designed for all types of heavy duty transportation. Engineered with hydraulic steering axles and wireless remote control, K.SLH offers maximum manoeuvrability and flexibility under the toughest road and working conditions. Providing a gooseneck capacity of 34 tonnes and extendable up to 15.2 m, K.SLH 6 is developed for extreme heavy duty transport.

Kässbohrer's three axle low-loader, K.SLL 3, with a ground clearance height of 0.4 m mm, provides safe transport of heavy haulage goods up to 3. 6m height. Engineered with a bolted gooseneck, K.SLL 3 shortens loading operations of bulky goods, while enhancing safety with front loading options, claims the company.

Equipped with hydraulic steering axles, K.SLL 3 provides maximum maneuverability during loading and unloading operations, as well as under the toughest road conditions. Extendable up to 5.2 m, the K.SLL 3 is designed for the safe transport of heavy haulage and abnormal goods.