September 25 - Heavy-duty equipment manufacturers Scheuerle and Kamag - members of the TII Group - used the Precision Enterprises Inc., facilities in Florida to demonstrate the K25 PowerBooster modular trailer.

The event was used to show the versatility of the K25 PowerBooster system and Bernd Schwengsbier, president of TII Sales, described the modular trailer as a five-in-one solution.
The trailer is equipped with drive axles and can be towed at 50 mph, supported by a PowerPackUnit (PPU) as needed. For example, when negotiating an incline in the road, the driver can activate the trailer's driving gear to provide sufficient thrust to overcome steeper gradients.
The K25 also benefits from sturdy chassis construction, +/- 300 mm axle compensation and a steering angle of 60 degrees.
During in-plant tasks, the drive unit with PPU - with or without the K25 platform trailer - can be uncoupled from the tractor and controlled as self-propelled transport combination via a mobile control unit.
The drive unit and PPU can also be coupled in a side-by-side combination to improve the platform's versatility, particularly when working in-house or in tight spaces.
The PowerBooster can be used as a traction unit at the front, or as a thrust machine at the rear part of particularly long trailer configurations.
Scheuerle and Kamag also demonstrated that the K25 system is compatible with competitor brand equipment (pictured below).
Precision Enterprises Inc is one of the TII Group's authorised sales and service partners in North America. It specialises in heavy transportation equipment for the shipyard, aerospace, steel mill, street transport, plant construction and specialty application markets.

The Scheuerle-Kamag K25H, Goldhofer THP and Scheuerle-Kamag K25 HPB coupled together