April 13 - The first major machinery for Kia Motors' West Point manufacturing plant expansion arrived in the USA on Chongming at the Port of Savannah.

The shipment left Pyeongtaek, Korea in mid March and once it is unloaded from the ship, it will be transported 300 miles from the Port of Savannah to Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Inc. (KMMG).

Some pieces of the stamping press weigh up to 170 tonnes and require special arrangements for their transportation across Georgia. A fleet of trucks that include dual-lane trailers and 19-axle trucks will be utilized for the largest pieces of the press.

Upon arrival, the equipment will be assembled by its manufacturer, Hyundai Rotem, into a 5,400-tonne transfer press which will stamp steel into 17 different types of vehicle body panels, including bonnets, doors and fenders.