December 7 - The Port of King's Lynn in the UK has welcomed the delivery of two 110-tonne heat exchangers, which will be used for the re-powering of Centrica's power station in Norfolk.

The cargoes arrived at the Associated British Port's (ABP) Port of King's Lynn onboard Amasus Shipping's vessel H&S Wisdom.

According to ABP, due to the port's close proximity to the power station site, it enables a natural flow of goods from incoming vessels to their destination, minimising the distance travelled by cargo and reducing transport costs.

Andrew Harston, short sea ports director, said: "By providing a more efficient delivery route for cargo needed in the construction of the power plant, we hope that we are helping to minimise the overall carbon footprint of operations involved in the project.

This delivery is part of a series of heavy cargo operations which will take place at the Port of King's Lynn. The largest load, the new gas turbine, is due to be delivered in April 2018.