June 2 - Kübler Spedition has transported the 140-tonne hull and upper deck of the steamship, Utting, using 30 Scheuerle InterCombi axle lines from the Port of Roth to Lake Ammer, Germany.

At the Port of Roth, mobile cranes separated the top deck from the hull and loaded it onto the ten axles of the modular platform trailer, before the hull was lifted out of the water and placed on two modular platform trailers.

Due to height restrictions along the route, Kübler utilised two 9 and 11-axle InterCombi platform trailers, not equipped with swivel bolsters. Hence, the hull was rigidly positioned on the trailers and braced, which meant it , together with the trailers, formed a long, rigid unit, in total weighing more than 250 tonnes and measuring almost 10 m in width.

The convoy began its journey with a police escort using roads closed off in advance by traffic engineers. In order to travel through a tunnel with only a few centimetres clearance, Kübler had previously dismantled all illuminated signs and had the tunnel ceiling lights measured to ensure the safe passage.

Upon arrival at Lake Ammer, mobile cranes lowered the hull into the water, before the upper deck was lifted from the trailer and set down into position.