The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) has launched the LEEA Connect app (Version 2.0). 

For the first time ever, the free to download app is available not only to LEEA members but also to non-members. This means it can be downloaded by engineers, examiners and anyone with an interest in the safety or technical aspects of lifting operations.    

LEEA opens Connect app to non-members

The new app delivers technical guidance, documentation, the latest LEEA news feeds, safety alerts as well as access to the LEEA library. Content such as LEEA guidance documents and videos can be downloaded directly to a mobile device, while the association’s extensive collection of documents and resources related to the lifting industry are also available.  

Ross Moloney, ceo of LEEA, said: “Previous version of the Connect app were only available to LEEA members, but making the new LEEA Connect app (Version 2.0) publicly available opens up a huge opportunity for anybody involved in lifting to benefit, for example, from directly accessing LEEA’s Code of Practice (COPSULE), technical guidance and expert advice. We firmly believe this will increase awareness of best practice, ultimately leading to safer lifting operations.” 

Member-only content is also available in the app, which will require a member login to access.