July 31 - Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft (LHG) has handled five Siemens' locomotives bound for Finland, at its Seelandkai terminal in Lübeck, Germany.

Trans-Trading International Freight Forwarding will transport a total of 79 locomotives from Munich for Finland's state railway company VR Group, within the next ten years. Seelandkai terminal will be used as a transhipment hub for the projec

The first three locomotives were transported from Lübeck in April, with the following two departing the port at the end of May.

The 90-ton (82-tonne) vehicles, under construction in Munich, arrived at the Seelandkai terminal by rail.

According to LHG, the locomotive's axles, which are built for Finnish broad-gauge operation, can travel on German normal-gauge tracks at a reduced speed of 60 km/h, using loco buggies and accompanied by braking cars.

Upon arrival at Lübeck, the vehicles were offloaded using a mobile crane, in cooperation with Hamburg-based Trans Trading, and reloaded onto Mafi trailers before being shipped to Hanko by Transfennica.

The next batch of locomotives is not expected at the Seelandkai terminal until next year.