September 13 - Latvia based transport and logistics company Libava Trans Holding has coordinated the movement of four large flue pipe sections from Estonia to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

The pipe sections - two of which weighed 21 tonnes and measured 23 m x 4.3 m x 4.2 m, while the other two weighed 20 tonnes with the dimensions 23 m x 5.38 m x 4.05 m - were delivered by road on lowbed trailers to the plant from Harjumaa, Estonia in two separate trips.

Libava explained that it spent almost five weeks obtaining various road permits from authorities in Estonia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The over-dimensional cargoes were accompanied en route by two of Libava's private escort cars, while the company's technical team drove ahead of the convoy to confirm advance clearance and tackle any problems on the road, as well as liaise with police and organise traffic diversions.

Once the first two trucks had been unloaded in Chernobyl, they were driven back to Estonia to load the final two units and transport them 1,500 km by road to the job site.

The total transit time for each journey was around 4/5 days, including border crossing and waiting times for police escorts, explained Libava.

Libava Trans Holding is a member of the WCA Projects network.