October 8 - Lift and Shift India Pvt. Ltd (LSPL), part of the Natvar Parikh Group, claims to have transported India's largest and heaviest module.

With a total weight of 3,300 tonnes, the shipment included a HA deck of 2,400 tonnes, load spreaders weighing 200 tonnes, barge grillages of 100 tons, as well as axles weighing 550 tonnes. 

The mammoth structure, which was fabricated by L&T, Hazira, for Maersk Oil, Qatar was lifted by special hydraulic axles placed in four rows with four engines and 928 tyres. The entire HA deck was transported for over 1,000 m at 1 km/h.

The company was involved in the engineering and design of the load spreader and played a key role in the selection of trailers, identifying the correct barges, correct tides and pumps for the smooth execution of the transport project.