January 16 - Mumbai-based project cargo forwarder Lift & Shift India had a successful 2011, say managers, who point to two prestigious projects in Mangalore undertaken last year.

Lift & Shift successfully completed the movement by road of over 100 items of equipment for two green field projects in Mangalore involved in the generation of fuel and related products.

The items consisted of regenerators, vacuum and raffinate columns and many other critical equipment fabricated byL&TGodrejISGECVijay Tanks and Punj Lloyd. Imported equipment from Korea, which was shipped into Mangalore before being transported over 10 km to the site, was also handled.

Equipment moved from various Indian hinterland locations to the closest jetties or ports and was then barged or shipped to Mangalore port where it was stored, when appropriate, before final movement to the site.

Difficulties on the move involved crossing railway lines and navigating mountainous terrain, says the company.