April 9 - Thousands of years after the ancient Egyptians took two decades, thousands of man hours and brute force to build the Great Pyramid at Giza, logistics planners turned to more modern equipment when an Egyptian Pharaoh was required to stand guard a

This was no child's model made with a Lego set birthday present. At six metres tall and constructed out of 200,000 Lego bricks, the Pharaoh required mechanical handling to be moved into place. In order to get him on his stand before the attraction opened, Legoland staff acquired a Linde forklift truck to move the royal figure into position.

In the ancient world, Pharaohs stood between this world and the next. In Legoland Windsor, he now stands guard in front of Laser Raiders, a brand new ride where visitors can make their way through an ancient tomb in search of hidden treasure, using laser guns to battle through a labyrinth, battling evil mummies and dodging traps and skeletons.

Ian McCormack, Legoland's warehouse and logistics manager, selected the Linde R14-G Reach Truck. He says: "We thought we needed a new dedicated warehouse reach truck but Linde came in, assessed our needs and suggested the R14-G Reach Truck forklift. This can be used inside and outside the warehouse, as well as for unloading commercial vehicles located in the yard apron area when the existing counterbalance forklift truck is busy or unavailable."