September 21 - Logistics Plus has coordinated the delivery of four 1,038-tonne gas tanks from Ulsan, South Korea to Portland in Oregon, USA.

According to Logistics Plus, this was the largest shipment ever handled by the company, with the project's planning, engineering and execution taking over a year to complete.

In South Korea, 48 axle lines of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT) were employed to move the huge tanks, each of which measured 30 m x 24 m x 17 m, from their storage location onto two barges for transport to the nearby port.

At the Port of Ulsan, the tanks were loaded onto Jumbo's heavy lift vessel Fairmaster, which is equipped with two 1,500-tonne capacity cranes, and shipped to the Port of Portland.

On arrival at the US port, the units were offloaded and transported to storage locations using specialised trailers.

Watch a video of the project below: