February 2 - Logwin has signed an agreement with Lufthansa Cargo AG covering the use of electronic data interchange (EDI).

The agreement applies retroactively from 17 November 2010, from which Logwin has been able to conclude freight contracts with Lufthansa Cargo AG and handle transportation exclusively on the basis of an electronic Air Waybill.

The first air freight shipment covered by an electronic Air Waybill took off from Stuttgart for Chicago on 18 November 2010.

"Being able to conclude agreements electronically means that we can simplify and hence speed up transportation", claims Helmut Kaspers, COO of Air + Ocean at Logwin. "For us this is the starting point for general e-freight processing - we can begin to say goodbye to paper-based documents."

Logwin says it has been able to model the entire documentation for air freight shipments for its customers electronically - provided that processing by other players in the supply chain is also e-freight capable.

"As a general rule, the agreement applies to all air freight transport that Lufthansa Cargo and Logwin execute together", explains Helmut Kaspers. "Our customers benefit not just from faster processes but also from increased transparency and greater security, since the contents cannot be subsequently modified, the unauthorised use by third parties is ruled out and the form and required content of the electronic document have been specified in detail."

Logwin intends meeting IATA's target of processing at least 10 percent of all air freight shipments as e-freight this year.