December 10 - Scandinavian Express Poland has transported a steel footbridge, weighing 48 tonnes, from Gydnia in Poland to Malm

The footbridge, which was over 33 m long and almost 6.5 m wide, was first transported by road to the seaport of Swinoujscie, before being shipped by ro-ro vessel to Trelleborg in Sweden and delivered to the site in Malmö for installation.

The load was transported using a six-axle Nooteboom semi-trailer equipped with an extended deck, hydraulic suspension and axle steering system, as well as a 6x4 FH16 Volvo tractor.

Preparations for this complex project, which included exact route planning and precise measurements of all elements on the road, took over two months to complete. 

Patryk Szymanski, vice president of Scandinavian Express Poland, commented on the project's challenges: "It is not a common occurrence that a shipment of such large dimensions is transported via these public roads and the level of difficulty was raised by the fact that there was almost 500 km to cover in Poland alone."

Obstacles encountered en route included: toll gates, which had to be partially dismantled; roundabouts requiring precise manoeuvres against the traffic, and temporary road closures; a low railway bridge in Jastrowie; and tight junctions in some of the smaller towns where trailer axles had to be remotely controlled.

"The ferry crossing was an additional difficulty as placing such a giant piece in the ferry loading area required special prior consultations and preparations, including detailed measurements of both the vessel and the two terminals," added Szymanski.

Watch a video of this project below:



Scandinavian Express Poland is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN).