August 14 - Mammoet has completed a complex tandem lift as part of the construction of the Viceroy resort at the Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai.

Mammoet was contracted by China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), which is building the Viceroy resort, to assist with the construction of the presidential suite - a bridge-like structure between the two main wings of the complex.

The suite's structure is supported by ten trusses, ranging in weight from 50 to 130 tonnes, which needed to be mounted across the span between the complex's two wings at a height of 60 m.

Mammoet explained that the equipment used to lift the trusses had to be positioned over 100 m away from the building due to the surrounding construction.

The company added that in such circumstances a 3,000-tonne capacity heavy lift crane with a long reach would usually be used, but there was limited space for the installation of such a machine on the beach in front of the complex.

Extensive ground improvement work would also have been required in order for the beach to withstand the crane's ground-bearing pressure.

Therefore, Mammoet suggested using two smaller models - a 1,600-tonne capacity CC8800 crane and a 600-tonne capacity LR1600 crane - in tandem to move the trusses into place.

The cranes had to perform a synchronised 8 m crawl during the lift, while also supporting the load at maximum radius and load capacity for the height, which Mammoet noted was particularly challenging.

"We had limited working space in which to assemble the cranes and we were executing the project in temperatures ranging between 40°C and 50°C," said crane supervisor Harold Leemhuis, adding that the company's experience with such complex manoeuvres enabled Mammoet to execute the lift safely and precisely.