August 14 - Mammoet has transported an 800,000-lbs (362.9-tonne) process vessel from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Robinson, Illinois, USA.

From the fabrication site in Oklahoma, the vessel was transported 52 km to the Port of Catoosa using a 24-axle dolly system with tailor-made saddles to support the consignment, engineered by Mammoet.

The route included 45 degree turns and steep hills, which required three prime movers to help transport the vessel, measuring 300 ft (91.4 m) long and 25 ft (7.6 m) wide.

At the Port of Catoosa, the vessel was loaded onto a barge for onward transportation to Mount Vernon, Indiana.

Back on the road, the vessel proceeded 251 km to its final destination in Illinois. The crossing of a parking lot required 60 mats to ensure the property would not be damaged, while several tight turns required signs and poles to be removed on the route.

Mats were laid to allow travel over ditches, unpaved ground, through the edge of a cornfield and across a 100 ft (30.5 m) bridge.

Mammoet was responsible for the logistics coordination, the customisation of transport equipment, transferring the load to the different modes of transport, securing all necessary permits, and coordinating with local governments and authorities.