April 3 - Mammoet has completed the transportation of an entire methanol plant over 8,720 km from the southernmost part of Chile to the US State of Louisiana for Methanex Corporation.

In cooperation with Jacobs Engineering, Mammoet delivered an integrated package of services, lifting and moving almost 400 heavy components and modules and setting them up for reassembly at the new plant site in Geismar, Louisiana.

Initially Mammoet supported Jacobs with the design of the modules so that they would be compatible with Mammoet's equipment, the ships and bottlenecks en route.

After the modules had been disassembled and reinforced, the cargo, which had a combined weight of over 12,145 tonnes, was moved from the remote Chilean location to the USA.

En route Mammoet was required to engineer and construct special roads and bridges to facilitate the special transport, and had to overcome strong currents and sudden storms during loading and sea fastening in the Straits of Magellan.

Offloading the cargo in Louisiana also proved challenging due to the soil conditions of the Mississippi River levee, so Mammoet had to transport the load over a specially engineered and constructed bridge.

Mammoet also managed subcontractors, secured the necessary permits and maintained full oversight over the transport operation for the project's duration.

Methanex's Geismar plant is expected to be operational by the end of 2014.