October 19 - Mammoet has launched a new product, Enviro-Mat, which promises to increase the load-bearing capacity of soil, where heavy lifting is required.

The transport and heavy lift specialist, based in Schiedam, the Netherlands, says Enviro-Mat, a cement additive, will stabilise any type of soil, increasing its load-bearing capacity to approximately 45 tonnes/sq m.

Mammoet claims the new product has both cost and environmental benefits over traditional foundation methods, such as gravel, wooden mats and concrete slabs, all of which have to be transported to a site before lifting can begin.

Ronald Kleinjan, director of Mammoet Heavy Duty Pavements, said: "As ground preparations are always on the critical path of any project, they affect overall project efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, Enviro-Mat improves a project's efficiency right at the start of a project."

Kleinjan said Mammoet is currently rolling out the new technology to a number of its customers' sites.