July 27 - Manitowoc's largest crawler crane, the 2,300-tonne capacity Manitowoc 31000, has been used to lift two reactors for Daelim at a petrochemical plant in Ulsan, South Korea.

The Manitowoc 31000 was equipped with 70 m of main boom and 964 tonnes of counterweight at the S-Oil Corporation petrochemical facility, before lifting the 800-tonne reactor at a radius of 24 m, and the 400-tonne unit at a radius of 400 tonnes.

Since the job was part of the facility's expansion programme, Manitowoc explained that the lifts had to take place within existing plant infrastructure, meaning that space was limited.

Due to the narrow nature of the site, there was no space for a trailing crane so operator of the Manitowoc 31000, Chunjo Construction, was required to use a heavy-duty transporter to tail the reactors as they were moved into position. 

With work on the South Korean plant complete, the Manitowoc crawler is currently being prepared for transport to Vietnam, where it will complete its next lift in August.