August 2 - Tuscor Lloyds has completed a complex shipment of two marine risers for a leading UK-based manufacturer.

The two marine risers, weighing 16 tonnes and eight tonnes respectively, were packed and crated by Tuscor Lloyds, transported to Felixstowe for shipment to Brazil.

Tuscor Lloyds had to overcome a number of challenges with these shipments including undertaking corrective work to improve packaging and persuading the ship owners to load the shipments with space onboard the ship at a premium.

The company says that as the oil and gas industry in the UK has matured, expertise in deep-sea drilling has provided a solid base for world class industrial technology and high quality components. UK manufacturers have found a lucrative niche supplying specialised and bespoke products to offshore developers across the world.

The company has worked in partnership with British manufacturers and freight forwarders, helping them to serve their customers and develop their core services, especially in tough export markets.