March 25 - Today's news that the Elsflether Zentrum f

Back in June 2009. the heavy lift shipping company stepped forward as the private enterprise partner supporting the work of the centre which officially opened on June 4, 2009. The centre is part of the Elsfleth Maritime Campus.

The centre, a public-private initiative, was set up to produce applied research in the field of shipping and ocean technology. Its purpose is to initiate and oversee projects which are conducted in conjunction with 
maritime institutes, universities, shipyards, shipping lines and private companies.

HLPFI understands that Beluga holds a 51 percent share of the public-private partnership while the other 49 percent is in the hands of the University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg, Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

Aside from the subsidiaries which have filed for insolvency, Beluga Group and other subsidiary companies continue to operate outside insolvency.